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Writing articles for money- modern earnings on the Internet

This article will be useful to most modern students and young people in general. If you are looking for a way to earn money for yourself, you should carefully study this article. Today, most people simply can not do without the Internet, even a day. Every day, millions of netizens read the news, various blogs, articles, each day receiving a lot of information from them. But in fact, almost none of us thinks about how this information appears on the network, whether it is just informational or scientific. Who is behind such an important matter as writing informational articles? Let’s now look into this issue in more detail.

Basic principles of a copywriter job (rewriter)

Copywriters are people involved in writing articles on various topics and different content for websites and various sources of information.

The principle of the copywriter

  • A person finds a customer who provides him with work (one-time or permanent)
  • Next, he needs to take an order and fulfil it according to customer requirements. The standard requirements for the author of the article are literacy, text size (number of characters), uniqueness. But it is worth considering the fact that in addition to these criteria there are personal wishes of the customer. To someone, only uniqueness is important, and someone makes more stringent requirements (amount of water in the text, spam)

Most often, the employer provides the performer with keys or links to certain resources that he will need in order to correctly write an article or insert it into it. After writing this article, you need to check for possible errors and uniqueness. If suddenly the article is not suitable for any criteria or has errors, it must be corrected. After a thorough check, the finished text is sent to the customer and, if everything suits him, he takes the order, and a certain amount of money is transferred to the copywriter for the work done. After selling an article, the copywriter has no right to own the article and cannot sell it to anyone else. The idea to write college essays for money most often comes to students and teenagers.

There are several types of text for which you pay money.

  • Copywriting – an author’s article written on any topic. This means that a person writes an article that he invented himself. Such unique texts as copywriting are the highest paid, and the highest quality kind of content.
  • Rewriting – rewriting an existing article (or using some of its fragments) in a new way. Such texts are valued less than copywriting, peculiar and cost less. But the demand is high because it is easier to write for the artist
  • Translation of articles from foreign languages. Well, most likely everyone here already understands that a certain text is translated from a foreign language into the language that the customer needs and is brought to the semantic correspondence of the article. Such articles are in great demand.
  • Seo-copywriting is the same copywriting/rewriting, but only a written article should be optimized for a specific key request. No less popular type of earning.


Now that you have read this article to the end, we can finally summarize – that the work of a copywriter or rewriter is very much in demand and popular today (judging by the countless number of articles on the Internet), and is also very well payable. Most often, this way of earning is widely used by students, teenagers and schoolchildren, or the so-called “freelancers.”